Morning Work Out…Side..

“Oh Shawna, you shouldn’t have!” Henri gushed happily as she opened the shopping bag left atop her new mattress.

“Please, girl, you know I had nothin’ better to do than to go shoppin’ besides as soon as I saw it I had to get it for ya.” Shawna lazily twirled a purple strand of hair around one finger as she let her gaze drop down over the petite blonde before her.

From outside the bedroom a stern hard knock came from the door, and Brian Andersen poked his head around the corner, “You about ready?” his Australian tinged words drawling through the air.

He seemed startled at the sight of Gleam this early in the morning and as if guessing his question she answered: “Oh, Don’t worry hon, I’m not up this early, I’m up this late. I ain’t been to bed yet.”

Dressed in head to toe blue lycra, Henri had stopped opening her new purchase to turn a scowl at the boxes of things she’d yet to unpack in her new place. Near the window she had begun unloading books, but the rest of it was still undeniably a mess.

“Yes, yes, I’ll be there. I just can’t find my blue running shoes.” She motioned in his direction with her pink shoe in hand.

“Well then, just wear the one in ye’hand.” Brian tried helpfully only to get leveled with an annoyed glare.

“It doesn’t match.” Her sigh came next, “I’m going to have to change,” she explained as she pulled the pink gym set out of her bag.

“No girl, just wear what I gotchya.” Gleam’s words were painted with laughter as she unceremoniously dug in the gift bag, obviously not waiting for Henri to open it.

The black cloth hit Henri square in the chest, her hands coming up seconds after to try and catch it before it slid to the floor. Startled, she bent to pick it up before excitedly giggling, “It’s got a cat on it!”

“Yes, yes it does.” Gleamshimmer was practically chortling with glee now, “Put it on. Y’can wear it today to work out in.”

“Oh, but it’s black and I—“ A glance toward the boxes was interrupted by Brian’s unmistakable growl, ”‘Y’aintgotta match. Y’know it’s not a fashion show, right?”

“I know—“ Henri tried, before she received two looks of exasperation. “Oh okay fine then.” Wiggling into the t-shirt she turned to face them both, “What do you think?”

Shawna lit up like Christmas. Her grin huge and expectant. A look from one to the other and back again….

“I think y’er gonna need to get yer shoes on and get movin’.” Brian demanded before disappearing out the door.

Shawna hollered after him, “That’s all ya got!? SERIOUSLY?!” Purple hair flaring as she looked from Henri to the door and back again. “SERIOUSLY?!”

“What?” Henri asked in confusion, holding the shirt out in front of her and looking at the cat face, “Wait, what does How—Bah—Dah—mean?”

“Oh for f*ck’s sake.” Shawna exploded, the door slamming behind her as she loudly announced to a startled Brett as she passed him, “I’m f*cking wasted around here.”


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